2 Girls hugging

Youth Entrepreneurship Project (YEP)

Youth are gifted in a wide array of areas and, with proper support, can use these gifts to build their futures.

Youth Comfort Initiative—Young People Care (YPC)

Youth are experiencing increasing levels of violence and death in their daily lives, yet are typically overlooked during the grieving process.

Educational and Cultural Development

Community Builders provides opportunities for children and youth to grow through educational programming that encourages and promotes excellence in school and in community.

What We're About

Community Builders is a Maryland based non-profit that serves children, youth and families throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area. Currently operating in three program areas, Community Builders seeks to empower and equip youth to overcome obstacles, recognize and build upon their natural gifts and talents, and achieve their potential. Through a variety of programs and initiatives, Community Builders has helped children and youth throughout the community to achieve and to excel.